Author: Joshua

Impact of COVID-19 on the Private Credit Space with BSP’s President Rich Byrne

Join Rich Byrne, BSP’s President as he answers questions regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the private credit space. This is a quick flash interview, only 7 minutes in length. View expressed are those of Benefit Street Partners, L.L.C. Information presented is not investment, financial, legal, or tax advice and has been prepared without reference […]

Interview with Mike Comparato- Benefit Street Partners L.L.C.

COVID-19: Discussion of the Economic Environment and Impact on the Multifamily Sector Listen as Benefit Street Partners’ Managing Director and Head of Real Estate, Mike Comparato answers questions on the broader real estate space, and specifically within the multifamily sector, where the firm participates actively as a debt and equity investor. View expressed are those of […]

Interval Funds vs. REIT ETFs

In Episode 8 of In Real Time, we speak with Brian Buffone, Managing Director, and head of equity investments for commercial real estate at BSP. Brian discusses the primary differences between interval funds and REIT ETFs in terms of liquidity, volatility, and risk return. Primary differences covered: Levels of liquidity Volatility related to COVID-19 Asset […]